Edwina (23 May 2011)
"Did you notice BO's eyes when looking at Netenyahu? Feel sorry for Harold Camping this morning!!"

Dear John and doves,
John your writing about the 24th May Rapture day has definately got me thinking! Oh I hope your correct.
However, if we are still here, it was great to think it could be that SOON.
I have been thinking that perhaps it will not be dates but more the moons significance....anyway I admire your mathematics etc... I'm not a number person but I can see how it gets you thinking.
I thought this morning that Harold will be disappointed....but he has certainly hit the BBC here in UK, the news presenter introduced the article with some obvious contempt, obviously not a "Believer" in Jesus Christ. I believe Harold was Convinced by his argument and so he was genuine in his way but, like one of the doves has said, why had God told Harold and not us??!
When I saw BO give his key speech it was like watching a prophecy "News".....the One World Religion and hittting Israel where it hurts...his eyes were pure contempt I thought which is pretty much in character.
If we do go on Tuesday, I thank you John for your Wonderful Work here at your Five Doves and I appreciate your gifts to help the lost and unbelieving, I salute you!
Thanks, Edwina!