Edwina (10 May 2011)
"Fay and story about a rescue dove!"

Hello Fay and doves,
Well, we're all in this together!! Come Lord Jesus, we LOVE you.
I live in Cornwall,  I have a wonderful garden....although too ill to do a great deal......and yes we needed that rain!
My gardens are my only pleasure too! I spend a huge amount of time outside when the weather permits and thats how I see so much of the chem trail stuff.
I have a Ring Collard dove living in my living room with my canary at the moment, they have a cage but no one ever goes in except to eat! The dove was found in my back garden at 10pm on a rainy night  a month ago..... I had to feed her every hour and now she has got stronger.....if she wants to go, she can, I'll just let her choose the time.
Jesus gave her a NEW leg! She was lame and her left foot was deformed and she walked on her wings! I used to hold her on my chest and pray in tongues and sing to her and Jesus heard my Prayer! How WONDERFUL is our God.
I often think about my home in heaven and what my garden will be like, do you ever think on those lines?
Anyway Peace Be With you sister and Keep Looking Up!
Thanks John you are a real Blessing to us all!
Best wishes, edwina and the dove is called Benedicta.....unless she starts cooing like a boy then it will be Benedict.
I had another recue dove once called Annie, then she became Frank!!!LOL.
P.S. I believe my birds will be raptured too.