Ed T (7 May 2011)


Hi! I've been reading five doves for almost 3 years now and I am really happy that I found a way to make fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.


In Matthew 24:15 & 21

(15)"So when you see standing in the holy place, THE ABOMINATION THAT CAUSES DESOLATION, spoken of through the PROPHET DANIEL -


And if you see the link below.




I believe, this is the sign that we are waiting for.  They are making the Pope’s blood holy which is a direct blasphemy and mockery of the HOLY BLOOD OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Soon after this, people will start to worship the pope’s blood and making it equal to the HOLY BLOOD OF JESUS and then the Anti-Christ will be revealed.


Truly is the end of age is already near.  Lets all live a righteous way of life and constantly call on OUR LORD JESUS HOLY BLOOD for repentance and protection.


Thank you MY LORD JESUS for your precious BLOOD that we may now have a chance for the forgiveness of our sins and that we may live with you in your ETERNAL HEAVENLY KINGDOM for eternity.




Welcome to the Doves, Ed!