Ed C (6 May 2011)
"Steve Re: Righteous taken to avoid evil"

Fred Stone, J R Church, David Wilkerson returning home within short times of each other.  I had a wandering thought, which sort of relates to your post.  On the one hand, it seems a bit unfair, from an earthly viewpoint, for these great preachers of God to be dying before the rapture.  (Perry says his dad knew he wouldn't be here for the rapture.)  However, the wandering thought:  What if God needs these proven trustworthy sevants in heaven prior to our arrivial?  I know its silly, but the thought continues that they'll get some instruction that'll help us all stay organized or something when we get there.  Pre-rapture preperations, as it were.  Just a thought passing through.  No theology to see here :)
Ed C