Ed C (20 May 2011)
"To RhondaVoo Re: Disasters"

Referencing your 5D post: http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/rhondavoo519-1.htm
You state that you don't see how so many disasters could happen in such a short time (or something of that nature.)
I have no word from our God on this, but I have this knowing that dozens, if not hundreds, of terrorist cells are in the US and are simply waiting for the pre-arraigned date, or phone call to go into action and wreak havoc in out nation.
I beleive it has been discovered that Bin Laden had planned out multiple small attacks, rather than one 9/11 style attack.
So, with this theory, it becomes easy to see how multiple disasters and chaos could be created across the country in a short period of time.  Let's take a conservative number...10...10 major explosions in key locations across the country all set to ocur at the same time.  Yeah, that could easily fulfill what you saw in the vision.
Just some thoughts.
Ed C