Ed (4 May 2011)
"Susan Re: Dr Owuor"

The main factor in Dr Owuor's messages to me:  Repent.  Is there anyone else whose top preaching priority is repent?  I mean in the way he does it.  He does it just as John the Baptist did.  Repent in the name of the Lord for the time is short, or is here.  He preaches Jesus.  He preaches repentance.  He leads people to Jesus.  God honors his prayer as when he called rain from heaven. (Saw the video) 
Somebody please explain the prupose of a false teacher who actually leads people to Jesus.  It makes no sense.
But I will say this.  When the subject of the unpardonable sin was spoken of, what was the context of events which caused Jesus to speak of that?  I'll tell you.  The Holy Spirit healed someone and the skeptics claimed it was the devil who did it.  So, one might want to walk carefully here.  Referring to works of the Spirit as works of the devil, in context, brings one extremely close to the unpardonable.  Again, if putting Jesus' words in context with the events of when He spoke.
Ed C