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"Michael F (9 May 2011) - Tribulation for 10 days"


Hi Michael,

Re. your post – where you say -

In Revelation the Church of Philadelphia is told that it shall have tribulation for 10 days...”

Michael F (9 May 2011)
tribulation for 10 days"



The actual Church mentioned in Rev. 2:8-11 that would have 10 days tribulation was Smyrna.


Back in April of 2009 I replied to someone else along the lines below


This part of the Smyrna prophecy (10 days’ tribulation) was actually fulfilled in September 1922, largely as a result of the political bungling of European powers and the withdrawal of Greek forces from Turkey at the end of the 1st World War as Kemal Ataturk’s Nationalist forces overran the country.


The sad details of the 10 days of tribulation for Smyrna are to be found in a book written by Giles Milton called “Paradise Lost”.    It makes for grim reading as 150,000 (Ottoman) Christians were abandoned to slaughter and fire on the quayside of Smyrna, (now Izmir, Turkey), even while European ships sat off-shore watching it all unfold.


If this “10 day tribulation” experienced by the inhabitants of Symrna is an example of the future tribulation, (when Christians who are trapped within the boundaries and influence of the Islamist Beast and False Prophet’s 8th Empire suffer martyrdom), then it will be horrific indeed.


These google entries convey something of what happened during those 10 days in Sept. 1922. 




You will need to pressed the “full article” button on this url.


If you are interested in further reading, then I suggest you get hold of the book. - http://www.amazon.com/Paradise-Lost-Smyrna-Giles-Milton/dp/0465011195


God Bless.    EAR