Dru (7 May 2011)
"Massive asteroid hurtling towards Earth: November 8, 2011"

But don't worry, scientists say it will just miss us ...

"A massive asteroid will fly within the moon's orbit narrowly missing Earth later this year.

The space rock, called YU55, will hurtle past our planet at a distance of just 201,700 miles during its closest approach on November 8.

That is closer to Earth than the moon, which orbits 238,857miles away on average.
With a width of some 400metres and weighing 55million tons, YU55 will be the largest object to ever approach Earth so close."


"Mr Yeomans added: 'During its closest approach, its gravitational effect on the Earth will be so miniscule as to be immeasurable. It will not affect the tides or anything else.'

It is, however, still officially labelled a 'potentially hazardous object' - if it was to hit Earth, it would exert a force the equivalent of 65,000 atomic bombs and leave a crater six miles wide and 2,000ft deep."



As if Comet Elenin weren't enough to worry about, now this asteroid is heading our way ...

Keep looking up! ...no pun intended, lol ...Jesus is coming soon!!