Dru (23 May 2011)
"lord Ra-el's new video ..."

Dear Doves,
I'm sure that many of you saw the new Jesus "impostor" video released on May 21st by lord Ra-el ...
And this one is even more ridiculous that his first one. Of course we all know that this guy is NOT Jesus; and I found the video to be both very disturbing and somewhat entertaining as well. It is disturbing to me because there WILL be those lost souls out there that will fall for this impostor, and entertaining because this guy is just so hilarious and out there - or maybe it's really TWO GUYS playing the role of "Ra-el"? Maybe!
I say this because all we see is a still picture of Ra-el, while someone else is probably doing the talking. I mean why aren't we watching Ra-el speak for himself, eh, Ra-el? Besides, I thought that the original Ra-el was some French guy with a really thick French accent? I think. But this Ra-el has an strong English accent. Huh? I think that they found a head-shot of some guy from the screen actors guild, and the voice is another guy from the UK. I mean it just doesn't make any sense to me that they didn't produce a video of Ra-el speaking for himself - no, instead we're seeing a still photograph of some guy, along with some weird-spooky-god-voice from someone else. Yeah the video was really lame, and Ra-el couldn't possibly be the Antichrist. This video was done by a group of guys with too much time on their hands - a bunch of bad actors, if you will - who are out to make a few bucks. My 2 cents ...
Here's Ra-el's stupid video: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristHasReturned
Keep looking up!! ...our true LORD and Savior is coming soon! Amen!!