Dru (19 May 2011)
"To Jennie Re: URGENT!!! ALL DOVES"

Dearest Jennie ...
I watched the video about the Jesus-impostor "Ra-el", and I honestly think it's just a spoof, and that they're simply making fun of Christians. I don't think that this guy really believes that he's Jesus - but if he does, then of course he falls into the category that our LORD and Savior warned us about - that many false Christ's would come in His name. Anyway, I really think that it's just a spoof - including the date that they've chosen for Ra-el to make his big public reveal: May21, 2011. I mean, really, Ra-el, lol ...
Ra-el couldn't possibly be the antichrist because no one would ever take him seriously, especially after seeing Ra-el as a big, fat, ugly Jesus riding on a white horse at the end of the video ...that's the moment that I knew that this guy and his team of spoofers were totally making fun of Christians. I mean Ra-el will never convince the "very elect" that he's Jesus. And the whole lie that Jesus will come "in the clouds" and that "the clouds" is actually THE INTERNET is beyond stupid, as well. I did find the video entertaining though! :)
Be blessed, as our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ is coming very soon!!! Amen!!!