Doug Blakemore (25 May 2011)
"5 Doves Research facility"

Just wanted to also again express my appreciation to John for how he
is handling the 5 Doves site.  This is not necessarily just a pre-trib
site.  It is a site where any and all potentially valid opinions and
studies can be aired, discussed and evaluated by all that come by.

Some sites only allow one or two narrow positions be considered.  I
have looked at those sites and always, always come back to the Doves
for the openness and quality of study and discussion that goes on

If we are still here when this post is put on the site then another
day has gone by that didn't produce the rapture. It is sort of like
waiting at the end of the drive for a family member or good friend to
come that you are anxiously waiting for.  Each sound of a motor heard
in the distance raises hopes that the coming vehicle will be it.
However, many vehicles go by and still the hope remains.  Eventually,
just like waiting for that special person to come that you were
waiting for, the trumpets WILL sound, the sky WILL ROLL back and
Christ WILL come for HIS church!  We don't even have to worry about
Him having car trouble, missing a turn, getting lost or hitting a
deer!  8-)  !

If not today then soon.  I am keeping my ear tuned for the sound of
the trumpets!

God bless and MARANATHA!

Thanks, Doug!