Doug Blakemore (25 May 2011)

There are a few things that bother me about this issue with Elenin.

First of all, how is it possible that this object can affect our
seismic activity to the extent that it is said to do - Japan, Christ
Church, Chili, Haiti etc, and yet not affect our tidal activity at
all.  If there is a gravitational pull on our planet, it would seem
that it would first show up affecting our tides just like the moon
does.  If the object is way too far away to affect our tides, then
it's affect would be very very minimal indeed and could it then be
impossible to be the cause of our past earthquakes?

Elenin is supposed to be closest to Earth and directly between Earth
and the Sun on September 26th of this year according to the video.  I
guess we can wait and see what we will see but the video's I have seen
add more questions than they solve for me personally.  HOWEVER, I am
not a scientist and cannot speak scientifically to what they are
saying.  Just doesn't seem to make sense unless there is something
else going on.

For sure, God can use ANYTHING He wants to and He will do some
incredible things.  If it is coming to our planet, then it will happen
directly in line with Scripture.  I do have the date marked on my
calendar though and will be watching.  My guess is just like Camping,
it will pass uneventful if it is coming at all.  Hopefully, this
message does not even get to John to post though because we could be
out of here within the next few minutes!  All the better for watching
the next few events unfold!