Doran (21 May 2011)
"To: Dayanna T. & JohnNL"

Hi Dayanna,  I apologize for saying you had seen the 23 in your 21 & 22 vision.  I guess I got so excited that I thought it was there!  Your experience was so similar to mine!  Interesting that we reached the same conclusion, that it had to do with the 144000.  I love how the Lord throws out a little bait, and we nibble around the edges until the hook gets set and He pulls us in!  He makes it all like a treasure hunt and to me that makes it fun and exciting!
  JohnNL, you brought up the 24 date referenced in Haggai!  I find it extremely interesting that Haggai had his prophetic experiences mostly on the 21st and 24th.  The fact the dates are repeated seems to indicate they are important dates.  The book of Haggai starts out talking about the Lords temple not being built.  Then He goes on to talk about making Zerubbabel a signet ring.  I am wondering if He is talking about an actual physical temple being built, or a spiritual temple comprised of the 144,000.   I yearn to understand these things as my bible experience is only 3 years!  What an amazing book!!!!!!!!!
      I have wondered if the temple built in Revelation is man caused rather than God caused.  Judah will build their temple, meanwhile the Lord will build His spiritual temple comprised of the 144,000?  What do the Doves think on this matter?
Keep looking up!