Doran (19 May 2011)
"May 24, 2011, John Tng and Dayanna Torchia"

             Hi John, Dayanna, and Doves;
          I have read Dayannas posts about seeing 21,22,23 and 221,222,223 with great interest.  I am a rancher and was stopped in the road one day about 7 weeks ago and it was cows 21, 22, and 23.  I thought how strange!   The next day I was stopped in the same place by three cows, this time it was cow 221, 222, 223!  I started to laugh and said that is beyond belief, so I knew it was from God.  My first thought was dates and verses, and I considered a few, but the Lord opened my bible one morning to Haggai chapter 2, verses 21, 22, 23.  The verses have to do with shaking heaven and earth and destroying the gentile kingdoms and making Zerubbabel a signet ring.  Zerubbabel represents the kingly half of the 144,000, while Joshua represents the priestly half.
          As I have thought about it, it seemed to me that the dates were a countdown for the 24th of some soon month.  I was expecting June, because on June 22, I will be 55, and I see that number all the time!  In fact my Dad is 88, I will be 55 and my son is 25, all of us 30 years apart, and all of us first born sons!
         Now, however, after reading John Tngs letter and the 5:24 and 2:11 verses, I am leaning toward the May date.  My thinking is the gathering of the 144000 is about to happen!  I too could be wrong of course, but there clearly is a message being sent with these numbers.  Perhaps we are wrong in our interpretation of what it means, but Dayanna and I have come to the same result with two completely different experiences.  I could not keep quiet!
          While I am at it, another number I see is 11:55, and months ago there was a dream from a young lad about waking at that time and somehow a Monday and a Tuesday entered in and I thought to myself that that may be the rapture time.  Interesting that the 24th is a Tuesday.
         Keep looking up!
          Doran Lynch