Don Best (25 May 2011)
"Re: Jim Bramlett's "Reflections on Failed Doomsday Prophecy""

Camping may have gotten the date wrong but he did succeed in getting the whole world talking about the rapture...
The whole world had it planted in their minds that there is something called the rapture and it can happen.  I had a pastor for 30 years
mention that he was "Pan trib".... "It will PAN OUT just as God wants it to pan out."   All I tell people is "get your heart right with God
and be ready for whenever it happens, JUST BE READY AND KEEP LOOKING FOR IT TO HAPPEN.

He, Harold Camping, may have gotten the date wrong but he didn't get the event wrong ! !

Some people say "Well, he makes all the Christians look bad."  Well, I'd better be caught looking than caught not looking or not expecting it
to happen.