Diane Gilbert (19 May 2010)
"Cindy Godfrey, re 3 days of darkness"


Cindy, this is really exciting information you have shared with us.  Specifically this:


According to research I've done over the years, Planet X (the Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12) will be visible for 7 days before causing the pole shift of Isaiah 24.  It's huge and red and appears to be writhing in the heavens as it approaches.  Noah was given a 7 day warning.  I think we will have a major 7 day warning, too.  As it approaches, Planet X will also cause 3 days of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere as the Earth tilts away from its magnetic influence trying to escape its assault.  When the Earth is finally able to right itself, the sun will rise in the West instead of the East for approximately 6 days.  That's enough to wake up a sleeping virgin, don't you think?


What particularly excites me, Cindy, is that Dr. Owuor has said the Lord gave him a vision, and he saw that the rapture will take place when the earth is “pitch black”.  He also said that this will occur during one of his revival meetings.  He did not give a date.  These meetings span 3 days, so he’s not predicting either a DAY or an HOUR, in case anyone gets upset about that.


I’ve been thinking all along that this blackout will only take place when Planet X is between the earth and the sun, causing a total eclipse, on September 26.  What you are suggesting does not have to be the same thing.  I’m thinking that we can have this major upheaval any time sooner than September 26, as Planet X draws nearer and nearer and the magnetic influence grows stronger.  Does your research reveal any sort of window of time when this polar shift and darkness will occur?”


If the sun rises in the West for 6 days, that means it’s rotating in the opposite direction, then changes direction again.  That has GOT to be a major disaster on earth!  Isaiah 24 sounds awful, and now very REAL!


It’s getting mighty exciting here!


Cindy, I’d love to hear from you directly, so I can ask more questions, and if you’d care to share more details.  You can get my email address from John Tng.




Diane Gilbert