Diane Gilbert (2 May 2011)
"To Matt M re: Dr. Owuor"


I believe Dr. Owuor is a true prophet of God who speaks the word of the Lord and sees visions given to him by the Lord.  When Dr. Owuor has been holding revival meetings, I’ve seen the blind regain their sight, the deaf could hear, and the lame and crippled began walking, some for the first time in their life.  I’ve seen rain spontaneously fall out of a clear blue sky.  I’ve watched hundreds of people fall under the power of the Holy Spirit during these meetings.  These were not staged theatrics.  God is showing the world that His power is manifest through Dr. Owuor.  I hope I misread you, and you are not implying he is a liar. 


(a)  Dr. Owuor saw a vision of a large aircraft carrier off the coast of South Korea hit by a missile, and it sank.  HE DID NOT GIVE A DATE, but I believe it will someday happen, that’s easy to see.  How many prophecies in the Old Testament have not yet come to pass, and they are centuries old?  How about the prophecies in the book of Revelation?  Many, many Christians are having dreams and visions of things yet to happen – dreams of the rapture and dreams of the horrors during the tribulation.  These are future events, and no one has been given a date for their occurrence.  Some marvelous visions are over 50 years old, and haven’t happened yet.  We must not judge God’s prophets by our own timetable, expectations, or interpretations.


(b)  I’ve posted this on FiveDoves before.  Dr. Owuor saw towers, and thought he saw the Eiffel tower in France.  Then later, BEFORE the earthquake in Japan, he clarified that he misinterpreted the vision and he said the towers were in JAPAN.  I repeat, that was BEFORE the earthquake.  Yes, he did misinterpret what he saw the first time, but God clarified it for him.  That is correction, not confusion.


(c)  Dr. Owuor preaches a message of holiness and repentance in the church.  What can be “imperfect” about a message like that?  The Lord is coming very, very soon, like a thief.  Are we ready?  Without HOLINESS it is impossible to see God. 


His message certainly hit home with me.  I take this very, very seriously.  I do not want to be left behind because I was misled by false reassurances.  I am examining myself very carefully, making sure I am READY to stand before the throne of Almighty God at any moment.


Dr. Owuor prophesied that he saw the pale horse (the 4th horse of the Apocalypse) released, and described its mane and what it looked like.  It was AFTER Dr. Owuor’s prophecy, that pale horse was seen on television worldwide, moving through the crowds rioting in Egypt.  I watched it go through the crowd, rise into the air and vanish.


I would never speak against the Lord’s anointed, that is very dangerous.