Dewey (5 May 2011)
"New Madrid Fault /Levee blowup"

Hi Bro Gary, well the levee was blown up, and its still just a flood, no earthquake, so many
see these little efforts of a few men as beyond the realm of GOD'S HAND.
Consider it this way:  Look at all of the earth movement by men and machines all over the
earth, zillions of tons of cubic yards and cubic miles of rock, dirt, water etc relocated and
some of it stacked up in clusters ( high rise bldgs ) in cities all over the earth.  Dams built
relocating millions of tons of earth, hundreds of miles of water backed up by the dams, and
the earth is STILL not out of balance. Massive restructuring of the earth's crust, and we are
still here, still doing it daily.  The Army's Corp of Engineers and their small blast wern't
even a wrinkle compared to these other events.  I still believe that The Almighty is in charge
of the earth, and The New Madrid Fault region, even if it shifts tomorrow. Consider the 8th
chapter of Romans here.
Yes Heavy Duty Events will occur this year, many already have gone down, more to come,
the Lord prompted to me late march " Events will occur this year on The East Coast ( they
have, massive tornadoes and wind and hail ) and in the Northwest "  and I have kept this
close, not sure what to do with it.  I called family members in Idaho, emailed a friend in
Washington state, and told my immediate family, who couldn't be bothered except for one
son in law.  The Northwest ??   Lets see, Mt Shasta, Mt Lassen, Mt Hood, Mt Ranier, and
we all have heard of Mt St Helens, as well the Juan De Fuca Fault Plate near Seattle, but
most are looking at the New Madrid Fault.   I dearly hope that NONE of them pop or shake
PERIOD !!!!!!!  Still looking To HIM.
Bless You Gary and all of The Doves