Denis Hart (9 May 2011)
"Riderless horse in Australia"

Riderless horse in Australia
(pronounced 'horse trailer' by some) 

With interest in riderless horses of late, doves may be interested in the news article below about a riderless horse jumping into a crowd in a rural city called Warrnambool in Victoria, on Australia's south coast - seven people were injured.  This made national news in Australia - a common occurrence on race courses, but rarely does a horse jump riderless into a crowd - over a fence designed to prevent this happening. 

"Racing officials will review the height of safety fences at the Warrnambool race track after a horror accident yesterday in which a riderless horse leapt into a crowd of spectators.  The Warrnambool Racing Club installed the two-metre high brush fence four years ago, believing it would be too high for a runaway horse to clear.  However that theory proved wrong yesterday when a horse, Banna Strand, veered off the course after losing its rider and jumped the fence into a tightly packed crowd of between 50 and 100 people gathered on a road at the back of the course" (see link below}.