Debbie Robinson (20 May 2011)
"May 24, 2011"

Hi John,
I wanted to tell you a couple of days ago when you posted about 5/24/2011 as a possible day of the rapture, that me and my husband went to a new church this past weekend called Holding out Hope and when we got there I said okay lets see what God says about this and I openned my bible.  Well when I read your post it jogged my memory, you see when I openned my bible it openned to page 524 (May 24th happens to be my husbands birthday) not that I think his birthday or anyone else's has anything to do with the rapture.  I just kind of thought that was a coincidence.  Well I was not so amazed by the page number, but I was amazed by what was on the page.  You see in "The Open Bible"  New King James Version page 524 is where 2 Kings 2:11 is.  My eyes went right to that scripture.  I knew the scripture meant something in my heart since it discussed Elijah's rapture by way of the Chariot of fire and I read it and explained the significance of it to my husband.  You see I have been looking for Jesus to return since my mom passed away on May 3, 1999 at 3:00 pm at 54 years old.  I had dreamed after she went to heaven that Jesus was coming soon and I needed to get my children to church so that they would know God and be saved.  The page number did not hit me as strange until I read your post John.  24 has been a number that has come up a lot for me.  The Sunday school I taught in was room # 24.  The office I worked in was room # 24.  The house number I live in is # 24.  Well maybe it is confirmation definitely made me wonder and my little one also had another dream about the rapture, so beautiful in her heart she is.  I will be watching and waiting as everyday, but definitely with more belief that it could be that day.  If not that day we all know its coming soon.  Doesn't it fill you with the excitement you felt as a little child when something good was about to happen?
May God bless you John
Love your sister in christ
Wow! Thanks, Debbie!