Dawn Street (23 May 2011)
"A dream"

I have had Rapture dreams in the past, but lately I usually cannot  recall my dreams.  Last night I had a very strange dream and maybe someone can figure it out.  I have always been able to but this one was so very different.
I was running alongside a wave pool where young men were surfing.  Suddenly there was gunfire and one of the young men was shot and fell out of the wave pool.  The wave pool was a deep pool and was also encased in a sort of moat.  The young man fell back into the moat as I watched.
A large fish came flopping out of the moat and was immediately seized by an orange tabby cat.  The fish was too much for the cat and it left it to chase a yellow butterfly.
Several bears appeared, 5-6 of them and they were fighting over the fish.  The fish was torn and mangled but managed to flip over a wall.  The bears ran after the mangled fish and jumped over the wall and practically halted in mid-air scrambling to get back over the wall as large alligators were attacking them on the other side.
The bears changed into soldiers dressed in camoflauge gear, their clothing was torn and they were bleeding.  These guys were huge men but they were hurting.  I was afraid of them.
End of dream and no I have not been to the zoo recently and I have not watched wildlife shows or war movies.