Danny (3 May 2011)
"Caught up (rapture) going or staying.."

Hey family and readers..

I am by far from perfect. I fight to this day things that need to be changed. I don't talk perfect lol.. things I say may come out NOT how I meant them.

I read on sites and alot of "Rapture sites" where they will tell you ..if your saved your going in the Rapture. All Christians well go.... This is not written. I will not play with words. I will not say things not written. See this is how we KNOW what is truth. Some one just told me the other day that I had to stop limiting God. You would be surprised how many believe its ok to go outside, not conform to the word of God. They like look for loop holes.. well it didn't say we can or can't.. kind of thing. Before Jesus died He told some...go and sin no more.. It is possible to not walk in sin. Oh yes we get temped and fall now and then yet He will ALWAYS make a way out so we don't have to fall.

Jesus did not say it so only a few would understand. And watch how man fights this. If you love Jesus you won't sin. Yes died for all yet you have no RIGHT to walk it for it will NOT enter the kingdom of heaven. See He has given us all this time to repent. To get right with Him. If you love this world then love for the Father is not in you. You have to stop watching things you know are wrong, reading things, listening to music that is not of God. Do you know how many believe its ok to listen to worldly music for God is some how a part of it? And no one needs to tell you ..you KNOW. We have left so long ago.. take up your cross and follow Christ. We want so much to have so many things of this world and be a part of it yet He told us to not love this world. We know we can SIN, hate our brother, not forgive them, lie, cheat and steal and ..yep were going to heaven, well Jesus died for ALL sin I will ever do. HUH? You never loved Jesus. You have to give up ALL..everything. You HAVE to lose your life oooh but He gives it back SOOOOOOOOO much the more better than it ever was.

So people will STAND up for this kind of sinning. Its like saying "smoking" will not send  you to hell. I believe this. YET to KNOW its wrong now and then keep doing it..this is a different story. If you had not know the truth you would have no sin. WOW man fights so much to SAVE sin.. does not want to give it up. So you love Jesus and walk in sin you will be get caught up? What did Jesus say about those that WALK the middle ground? SPIT out of His mouth. And you still believe He will some how say its OK? Man will say YES you will.

He loves us so much and there is no middle ground, no gray areas with Him. You love Him then you give Him all of you and give up everything for Him period. You bury the flesh and don't go back and dig it up. Turn to Him HE WILL BE THERE! Don't go by feelings. What ever sin it is HE has already made a way out TRUST HIM.. Have faith in Him.  And HE KNOWS your heart. There are somethings that our heart has said NO TO yet the outside LOOKS Like we didnt and He KNOWS THIS!

This is really to those that KNOW the sin in their life.. brothers and sisters I love you SO MUCH! Hes is coming NO HES COMING! .. its going to get so dark very fast now before He comes. Trust HIM! Let the world go. Turn to HIM not man. Find what the WORD says for ANY problem and hold to THAT! No your not perfect.. but say NO with your heart and He will help you WALK and you will NEVER have to worry but this is NOT your Home.. ooh He went away to make a HOME for YOU as if you were the only one.. and Hes coming back for YOU! So let the world go for you have something so much more wonderful then you can think of...