Danny (2 May 2011)
"Matt, Dr Owuor not perfect"


This is not directed at you Matt.. just general.
Yes God never gets it wrong we do. Ever read revelations? Just read what John saw. Hind sight is 20/20. The Korea one he says what the lord told him. I watched the video ..unless you repent.. such and such will happen. So tell me Matt did the people of Korea repent? I know people love to think that when God shows you something ..well  there is no way to get it wrong. Sorry lol but we get what God tells us wrong all the time. So God (and I DONT KNOW exactly what God show'd this man) some tower.. my 1st thought would be Eifel tower.. then you see what happens in Japan and people, scientists running all over the place just like what God show him..hmm  Ask the Dr if God told Him Eifel or did the Dr just assume it was.. :)

What I see about this man is he says Jesus came in the flesh, is the only way to the Father, the only way to be saved is though Jesus. Goes around the world doing this and not asking for money and such and I am doing what for my Father? I have to ask myself has God ever told me, show'd me something and I got it wrong? lol wow way to many times. People love to for some odd reason when they see the word PROPHET oooooh look for the 1st mistake and BAM! Yooooour out of here! As right as it seems is not of the Father.

No really what his preaching is ok but dont use the word prophet so as to not upset the christians? Toss this guy out as a fake .. you going to take over and preach around the world? Nope.. nor me. Do you see? Can you hear? The harvest is ready but the labors are few. We are no different then those that killed all the other prophets that came before. We don't take the time to pray and seek the Father on this, take the time to talk to Dr Owuor himself before we say anything.

People I ..me.. don't have the time to look for mistakes .. man we all need Jesus so bad.. we cry for his return.. please help those that are trying to lead the lost to Jesus. Don't look at faults 1st. Do to others what Jesus does to you. Haha.. Jesus NEW how we would be to each other so this is why He said.. LOVE each other, forgive 70*7 ..every day, love your enemys, pray all the time. If you find your brother in sin, fault PRAY FOR THEM! Talk to them.. pray with them. You believe Dr or who ever is wrong.. Pray for them then