Dana Babka (4 May 2011)
"The Rapture Alarm is sounded and the Lord is at the door."

Hi John and Doves, I have been given many Visions and dreams from the Lord. The latest one that relates to the Rapture was given to me on the 26th of April. I was shown a Menorah then an open Book with letters and words falling out of it. Prophecies are being fulfilled to a point that the Rapture can take place at any time. That is what this Vision is about and confirmed in prayer. The Churches need to be repentant , witnessing to the Lost with urgency, and Preaching on Heaven, Hell, the Great Tribulation and what will take place after the Tribulation. The Lord is about to take us out of here. I have been putting together a Web. Site. with the help of a friend. I have included Visions and End Time Messages from the Lord. I am not very computer savvy but there is over two years of Visions and dreams included and I believe is a way to reach out to the world with the Lords message. (The Web. Site is www.visionsofthetruth.blogspot.com). I would also like say that Sunday morning at Church, I felt the Lord speaking to me, "If the people knew how close it was to the Rapture, they would not only fill the Churches but also the parking lots and the roads leading to the Churches. Time is short, keep looking up and witnessing for the Lord. Dana.