Dana Babka (27 May 2011)
"My Visions of the SpaceShuttle since Oct.2009"

Hi John and Doves, I just looked back at my Visions of the Space Shuttle as the Shuttle program is about to end, and of the Space Station.   On Oct.10, 2009 I saw a Rocket to the Moon searching for water at a T.V. station, then I heard a bell ring in my right ear seven times. Then I saw a Space Shuttle in a different setting.  July29, 2010 I had a quick Vision of the Space Station.  July 30, 2010 I saw the Space Station and an image of George Washington.( Pres. Obama requested that the Muslims be included in the Space program).  Sept 5th,2010 I saw Gold Dust turn into a bright white number 11 which seemed to be falling. Then I saw the Space Shuttle as though it was coming into a landing, then I saw the Space Shuttle again in a Lift off Position. The number 11 was like two florescent bulbs, one brighter than the other. We will see how this all turns out soon as it is my calling to sound the alarm that the Rapture is about to take place. I will hopefully tomorrow send another posting of my Visions concerning Comets. Praise the Lord and his soon return.  Dana