Dana Babka (14 May 2011)
"Trains and Redemption Soon"

Hi John and Doves, I had a quick Vision on May 10,2011 of a Black Train that turned into a White Train. Then I felt the Lord say the word Redemption. When I woke up I felt a shaking as though I was in a mild Earthquake. Through Prayer on May13th the Lord revealed to me that the trains represent that the Rapture is about to take place and the feeling of being in a mild earthquake represents turmoil in and between Nations and wars in the World.(End Time Signs). We need to get the End Time Messages of what is about to take place, out to the Lost, and the Lukewarm Christians. Lead the Lost to salvation and that all Christians are right with the Lord, putting him first in our lives.  I am not giving a date but my calling is to sound the Alarm the Rapture is about to take Place. Praising the Lord and his soon return, Dana.