Craig Opal (9 May 2011)
"The Imminent 6th Seal Rapture?"

If we want to be even more perfect and literal on the Rapture, we need to come to the realization that we are living in between the 5th and 6th seals already and we would find it is still a pre-tribulation Rapture, but it's not where most pre-tribbers think it's going to happen, which many say is before the 1st seal.  Just study the 5th seal alone and you will see it can't be a future event, instead it's long since been broken along with the other four. 

70 million Christians have already been Martyred since Jesus day.  Why would those under the altar in heaven ask Jesus at the 5th seal, when he was going to avenge their murders, if the 7 yr. tribulation had already started?  Wouldn't they know like everyone else that there is just 7 short years left? Answer: Yes. The fact is there is nothing new in the first five seals that have not already been occurring for the last two thousand years.
Jesus proclaimed in Luke 21:12, that Christians would be persecuted and killed, but when did this start?  It started right after Jesus said it and after he went back to heaven to begin breaking the first five seals. The fifth seal is not describing the completion of the seal, but the beginning.
Also the same lull in time in between Daniels 69th & 70th week, matches perfectly with the Revelatory lull in time we are in between now which is in between the 5th and 6th seal.  If we are to believe that there is a lull in between week 69&70, then we also need to be able to plug it into Revelation properly.  Is the 6th seal Rapture Imminent?  Yes I believe it is.  In our pre-trib zeal, lets not be so eager to jam a Rapture event into scripture where it does not belong or is described.  Revelation Chapter 4’s “come up here” language, is only speaking to John, not a large group of people as we see at the sixth seal.
Also this group of people seen in heaven at the sixth seal has “come out of” the great tribulation, not “come through” as some have incorrectly quoted.  Even the original Greek says they have come out of it, not through it.  The only question then becomes which portion did they come out of, and we see clearly that they have come out at the beginning, because earlier in the beginning of the seal, the people of earth proclaim God’s first day of wrath is here.  So then God’s wrath begins at the 6th seal, not beforehand.
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Craig Opal