Corey Thomas (2 May 2011)
"Re: Melissa Costa"

Thank you, Melissa for that timely information.  By examining what you see of Obama's birth certificate and comparing it to your husband's, are there any discrepancies that you see?
Finally, someone is using 'deductive reasoning' to examine a potential crime....
Nevertheless,  if GOD didn't want Obama to be president, he wouldn't be.  The same can be said for Bush, Jr., Clinton, and Bush Sr.  The same 'delusion' that befell America before will soon happen again.  It's not because Obama is righteous.  It is because we as Christians have lost our way.  Yes, we are good people.  Some may even consider us to be righteous.  But we have been called into service to be HOLY.  That's not what most Christians strive for anymore.  We want earthly comforts as much as the common man does.  We want freedom to observe and participate in what makes us feel good...without condemnation or examination.  Most of all, we JUDGE!!!  Our mandate is to love, testify, and pray.  We can watch and we can inform.  But to judge puts us back in the 'good people' realm.  We were called into service for a higher purpose!!!
Love and Forgiveness are the gifts we are to offer others.  Anything else is immaterial;)