Clay Cantrell (28 May 2011)
"Why the Vision of the Geometric Shapes"


in 12/97 my first vision was of the Trinity and the Lord showed it represented by a square, triangle, and circle rotating around a brilliant sun like center.

the vision wasn't of:

animal, vegetable or mineral
Moses or some other OT prophet
Paul or some other NT apostle
stars or any celestial body
the New Jerusalem

it was three simple geometric shapes.

they didn't overlap.

they were equidistant from each other.

they were each a color.

they were in motion.

there was a supernatural sense of harmony about them and the Lord said in a voice speaking to my spirit from behind me on my left side:

"This is the Trinity. it operates on the principle of Agreement."

and I felt awestruck, was not afraid and felt completely at peace and understood it in my spirit fully, and that it felt perfectually natural. it was so simple a kindergartener would have no problem understanding it.

now the question is why God chose to show me this first of all the things He showed me that week. it was a vision of Him. it was Theological.

it also may have been prophetic in that Bob Ware and I have worked together off and on and he works on geometric models. I did not know Bob at the time of the visitation.

why did God choose to do this?