Clay Cantrell (25 May 2011)
"Bob Ware, 84 Enoch and the Splitting Asunder"

Readers -

Bob Ware made this observation about the number 84, which is the Hebrew value for Enoch:

"When 842 (7056) is the circumference of a circle then the radius is 1123."


this seems pretty important to me as I know 1123 as a confirmed date: 11.23

on 11.23.06 ex Russian spy Alexander Litveninko died from Polonium poisoning. he was murdered using this nuclear material that was put in his hot tea.

Polonium's element number is 84

a Polonium 'event' was anticipated on the basis of numerical analysis back in October of 2004 of the melting points and boiling points of Polonium, which matched known 9-11 and Jared (Enoch's father) numbers. 84 was the number that was the door to the others.

I applied Bob's thinking to the 527 number. 527 is Jared's age when Enoch is 'taken'.

5272 x 3.14159 (pi) = 3311.2358...
or just


Strong's 3311 Hebrew = Japhlet =
"let him escape".

seems a good match to Enoch

Strong's 3311 Greek = Merismos =
"division, a parting asunder, a separation, so far as to cleave asunder or separate"

this is a dead-on match to the Jared 527 number which I have seen associated with the concept of splitting into two parts, dividing, separating etc.

I've thought for the last two (?) years that the USA may get spilt into two pieces as part of God's judgment.

Also remember when Elijah was taken
up in 2 Kings 2:11, the Horse and Chariots of Fire split Elijah and Elisha and parted them asunder. so a splitting apart of some kind seems Biblical at the time of the Rapture.