Clay Cantrell (18 May 2011)
"Enoch at 365, Lamech at 777"

Readers -

John Tng has pointed out Genesis 5:24 in his latest post about Enoch and  Elijah. this isn't addressing his ideas,  but as I looked at them I stumbled upon this shocking find.

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Genesis 5:24 is Enoch being taken, but Genesis 5:23 is the verse containing his age at the event, 365 years.

total Hebrew value for that verse is


notice from the link above, that the verse containing the lifespan of his grandson Lamech (777 years) ALSO has a verse total value of 3022!

this would numerically prove what I've noticed for years and written about. namely that there was a distinct relationship between Enoch and Lamech, and that Methuselah (Enoch's son) seemed to be strangely missing, numerically speaking.

the fact that the 365 (rapture) and 777 numbers are connected by their verse gematrias also may give credence to the importance of the Dow Jones stock value drop of 777 points that some have taken to be a pointer, the largest drop in it's history.

special note:

3022 = 1511 x 2

241st prime = 1511

it seems that the 12/97 experience of mine and subsequent dreams and visions and the days (nights) they happen are clearly tied to the number 241. I have no idea why, but this is a choice the Lord made.