Cinda Godfrey (19 May 2011)
"When it Comes to the Rapture Date, Aren't We Forgetting Something?"

Hello Doves,
I, just like all of us watchers, would love to believe that the Rapture is next week or sooner.  But I think we are leaving out a very important piece of the puzzle.  I don't think we will have to crunch numbers or speculate as to the date.  I believe the Lord will make it very obvious to us that the Rapture is about to occur because he is our "Savior" and he's going to "save" us from some type of disastrous event ~ an event the whole world is anticipating.
The puzzle piece I'm referring to is the fact that the foolish virgins of Matthew 25 have time to run to the wise virgins and beg for information on how to qualify for the Rapture.  That hasn't happened yet.  The lukewarm people I know are still in denial about the proximity of the tribulation period.  They are not yet ready to listen to truth.
But, according to Matthew 25, something happens that is so terrifying that it wakes up the sleeping foolish virgins and sends them running to the Bride of Christ for help.  That means we have a huge warning about what's coming on the earth.  The Bible states that men's hearts will fail them for fear of what's coming.
According to research I've done over the years, Planet X (the Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12) will be visible for 7 days before causing the pole shift of Isaiah 24.  It's huge and red and appears to be writhing in the heavens as it approaches.  Noah was given a 7 day warning.  I think we will have a major 7 day warning, too.  As it approaches, Planet X will also cause 3 days of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere as the Earth tilts away from its magnetic influence trying to escape its assault.  When the Earth is finally able to right itself, the sun will rise in the West instead of the East for approximately 6 days.  That's enough to wake up a sleeping virgin, don't you think?
I believe there are 2 Raptures, one for the Bride and one for the Body of the church.  The pole shift fits the description of the 6th Seal of Revelation perfectly.  So perhaps the above scenario better fits the second rapture.  But, whether it's Planet X, Elenin or some other catastrophic event, Scripture is clear that we have plenty of advance warning and enough time for the world to become aware of its fate and run to us for advice.  That just hasn't happened quite yet, so unfortunately, we must still have some time left here.
With the way the birth pangs are developing (at Mach 5), something could still happen very, very soon.  I just know in my heart that God will give his saints ample warning and we will be taken out at the very last minute before the yet unknown disaster strikes. But there will be no doubt and no guessing that the Rapture is about the occur.
I don't mean to throw cold water on all the speculation and dampen your hopes, but if Matthew 25 isn't true about the saga of the wise and foolish virgins, then the Bible is wrong and we know that simply is not possible.
Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!!