Charlotte (24 May 2011)
"Double Rainbows / Psalm 107"

Dear John and readers of 5Doves,

Friday in the middle of the night,  I heard a loud crash that woke me up. At the time I thought that maybe an earthquake was about to happen but no tremor.  So I just went back to sleep.  On Saturday morning, my husband and I learned that the clothes closet in a back bedroom had fallen down after 20 years!  So my husband decided that he will drive to the hardware store to buy brackets so that he could make the necessary repairs.
My husband got into his car, he proceeds to hit the garage door button and drive off. Then he hears a loud crushing sound and he stops the car. Apparently the U.S. postal service managed to leave a brand new coffee maker right in front of our garage door. The sound he heard was this tiny box being crushed into a million pieces.  So on Saturday morning to post on my blog: BE PREPARE advice for earthquakes. Today Joplin, Mo just happens to be in the news and on Matt Drudge I noticed a link for a video about a double (2) rainbow. Intrigued, I decided to research rainbow.
DOUBLE Rainbow Video's Joplin, Mo
* In this video you will see the double rainbow and then a lighting strike!
* In this video the family mentions how wide, how beautiful the colors (including the color GREEN/Pentecost) are and they record both thunder and lightening:
Rainbows are mentioned only six times in scripture:  
 *The First (1st) book of Genesis --  Three (3) times in Chapter 9:13,14,16  
 *The Last (66th) book of  Revelation  - Twice (2) in Chapters 4:3 and 10:1 (little scroll) 
 *The 26th book of Ezekiel  -- And once (1) in Chapter 1:27-28 
Scripture Reference :
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Today's scripture reading: Psalm 107  "God Saves from Many Dangers"