Carol Hevel (18 May 2011)
"In re: John/"The Rapture Date""

Dear John ( & Doves), thank you so much for your post.  You are such a blessing as is this post.  I look forward to your next letter with joy.  I always look to see if you have posted and today I was richly rewarded.  One thing that Chuck Missler has said that makes so much sense is that the mistakes he has made in interpreting the Bible have been because he has not taken the Bible literally enough.  This is just one reason why I think you may be right.  This is literal Bible.
I know that many times when the Lord has given me clear direction in my life, it has been as obvious as a 50 foot tall neon sign.  Our Father loves us beyond our understanding.  He has done so many major actions to show us this fact.  I would not be surprised if this idea of yours is just one more sign.  I know that Enoch and Elijah knew that they were going to be raptured.  So when will we be given official notice?  One question at a time, I guess.
My husband and I both (together) felt like we were given an "eleven" in a miraculous way.  Could this signify 2011?  We hope so.  I would love to see all of you in a week!  God bless you all. Thank you John.  YsiCJ (Carol)
Thanks, Carol!