Carol Garza (19 May 2011)
"5/21-5/24/2011 Rapture date ?"

I’m a day late in thanking you for faithfulness in digging and digging and digging !  In April I sensed May would be the month of our Glorious Rapture.  I am simply on praying and waiting mode.  I don’t sense anything but I often reflect on Elijah’s rapture because he  knew he was going to leave this world right before the flaming horses on a chariot came to lift him up.  Elisha also knew Elijah was going and was receiving a Word from him. 
I pray the HOLY SPIRIT in us will give every single true born again believer an inward and maybe even outward sign we are about to be caught up just like Elijah knew for sure. I hope we will all know at the same time.
I just watched the movie ‘The Gathering’ (again!) The main character saw a vision of the rapture days (it seemed) before it happened. Then right before it happened, he saw it again and knew the rapture was about to happen.  He called his wife to let her know it was not too late for her to make a decision (for Christ.) Then he was gone.
Like everyone else, I loved how you pointed out Enoch’s rapture is recorded in Genesis 5:24  
Then you pointed out Elijah’s rapture recorded in 2 Kings 2:11  to come up with 5/24/11.
Excellent insight John !!!  I hope your findings are right on par with the Lord’s return for us.
One thing is for certain, the mocking and scoffing is gaining momentum thanks to Harold Camping’s bold prediction.  As Nicole pointed out:
What will happen is that Harold Camping proclaims the rapture, it won't happen, then there will be a great, great mocking. The Lord is going to allow this mocking AND THEN IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN! We are going to see people who were on the fence really go to the other side and fizzle out on Christianity.
 THREE days later is 5/24/11.  We very well could be outta here by then !  How Glorious that rapturous event ...that in the twinkling of an eye our bodies will put on incorruptible Glorious bodies and be caught up with the dead in Christ to meet Jesus in the Clouds of Glory.
A Big THANK YOU to all the doves that posted 5/18 on the heels of John’s wonderful insightful post.
We’re going up Doves !  Glory to God in the Highest forever and ever and ever.  Amen.
Carol Garza
Thanks, Carol!