Carol Garza (17 May 2011)
"Robert B re: Challenging demoninational doctrines"

Hi Robert,
I have Harold Camping’s book ‘Time has an end’.  I also had his book 1994...back in 1994 when I used to listen to his ‘Open Forum’ on the radio.  If memory serves me right, he stated back then if the ‘world did not end’ in Sept 1994, the next time line would be in 2011.  I have never been able to understand his mathematical calculations but then again, I can’t figure out the math calculations on Five Doves either ! I thought back then 2011 was wayyyyyyy too far away.  But here we are !
I give him this much:  He has really gone out on a limb to speak loudly on his view based on his scriptural studies of the world ending May 21.  First off, I think he should have used the word AGE instead of of World.  End of the world seems to convey, the earth is totally annihilated and destroyed.  That is not scriptural. 
A better way would have been to use the end of this age, or world as we know it will change not simply ‘The world will end on May 21)  That is what I don’t understand about someone who studies the Word so thoroughly.
I do know the number 21 is very significant as well as that the date falls on Saturday, the Sabbath.
Also, about a month or so ago, a rep for Harold Camping was on a radio program.  He was asked by the host if he could return the following Monday, that is May 23 to be on the show again.  Of course, the answer was it would not be possible because we would not be here.  However, a few days later, the host received a stack of monthly envelopes to donate to his ministry that went beyond May 21...a full year’s box of donation envelopes.  The host asks the question, why do they need donations if the world ends on May 21 ?  A very valid question imho which does not put Harold Camping on a good light.
Should the Lord not rapture us on May 21, he is going to have a lot of egg on his face and we ought to be praying for him because if we’re still here on May 22, wow, I can’t imagine what he and his followers will go through.  I pray we are out before or on May 21, not because I hope he is right but because of our desire to meet and be with our Lord and King Jesus and our Heavenly Father for eternity.
If we are raptured on or before that date, to God be all the Glory.  Whatever date the Lord chooses, may we all be accounted worthy to escape all the things that are about to come to pass so that when we stand before Him at the Judgment Seat of Christ, we will hear those comforting Words: Well done my good and faithful servant
To see what the Holy City New Jerusalem and heaven will be like will be breath taking beyond our comprehension!  Come LORD JESUS !!
Carol G