Carol Garza (14 May 2011)
"To Rhonda Voo & doves concerning her vision"

WOW Rhonda !
Loved your testimony, your your zeal.  For months I have spent time reading and studying Revelation and Daniel as it relates to the condition of the church and the world.
But in the last few days, I have been spending time in deep, non stop prayer.  To God be the Glory and Praise that my close friends are all saved.  However, they don’t have the zeal and the deep desire to want Jesus to return.  Don’t get me wrong.  They all believe He is coming and even soon but are not excited as I am.  We all know the famous phrase that has put a damper on much of the church:  No one knows the day or hour. 
So lately, I have been asking the LORD to put the zeal of Fire into my friends hearts that I myself have.  My prayer for them now is for the Lord to give my friends a Vision of the Rapture or a Dream of the Rapture !
The vision you received was awesome but even more awesome was the ‘transfer’ of your vision to your friend as he witnessed you receiving the vision.
About 5-6 years ago, I had a vision of many white horses running together to battle.  I can’t remember if I saw anyone on them or not.  That was the extend of my vision.  I have never had a vision or rapture dream, although I have had many flying dreams and even one dream where I walked through an elevator door.  I was walking with people towards the elevator.  I could see them but they could not see me.  I got in the door before they did as I walked right through a closed door.  We then went up and when it stopped, I walked through the wall to the other side while people waited for the door to open.
As much as I’d love to have a Rapture dream or vision, I would rather my friends have it..all of them !  I want them to get excited for the Lord Jesus’ imminent return as I am !!  I ‘feel’ as if it is this year but my feelings don’t mean tiddly winks if the LORD HIMSELF through His Holy Spirit reveals this not only to me but to all of us.  We all have to be on the same page.  We can’t have some say “The Lord told me He is coming in May.  Others “The Lord told me it was in June” and still others “in September/October.”   If we ALL get Revelation and assurance He is coming for us on a given month, then we can really start jumping up and down !  I have been excited as all get out since 2005.  Here we are 6 yrs later and we are still looking for Him to come. My Faith, my Hope that He comes this year is stronger than ever.  I only now pray our loved ones and the church will get as excited as we are and desire Him to return today by saying “Lord Jesus.  Come Quickly!  The Spirit and the BRIDE say “Come”.
The other interesting part to your post was the Word the Lord gave you:
I am taking these men Home because they have run their races for many long years. They have run and held out the Batons to the next generation but you have not been taking those Batons and running because they were Still Here, Leading and you have been looking to Them for Leadership, instead of finishing your part of that race with that baton in Your hand ready to hand it off to the next generation!!! As long as they are still here, you will continue to look to them for Leadership and will not fulfill the call I have called you to and finish your own race. Now it is Your Turn!!
I’ve been reading Andrew Miller’s works on church history.  In this piece, he is writing about Ignatius’ zeal for the laity to look upon the ‘bishops’ as we do upon the Lord Himself.
Miller says about Ignatius:  The leading idea in all his letters is the perfect submission of the people to their rulers, or of the laity to their clergy.
Miller’s writings seem to coincide with the Word the Holy Spirit gave you Rhonda !!!!
May the Lord give us ALL in one accord the Absolute Assurance Jesus IS on His Way!  May He give many, many visions and dreams to believers and even non believers of the Rapture that they would all prepare themselves as a Bride meeting her Bridegroom.
In Christ,
Carol Garza