Bruce Baber (18 May 2011)
"Regarding the date mentioned by John Tng"

To John and all of the Doves,
John, the date mentioned in your post (May 24th) as the possible rapture date is very hopeful and encouraging.  I was personally disappointed when nothing happened on the 63rd anniversary of Israel's rebirth on May 14th.  I confess to being a little confused about the actual anniversary date as I've read posts that mentioned different dates.  I looked at old news articles that stated that the nation of Israel was formed on May 15th.  If so, then with all inclusive reckoning there are 10 days between the date I was watching and the one you you see as the best possibility.  Forgive me for not being very good at figuring dates or likewise being very good at mathematics.  Not my strong suit.
Perhaps it is significant that there is a 10 day period between the anniversary date and May 24th?  I am reminded of the ten days of waiting mentioned in The book of Revelations as pertains to the church of Smyrna.

On a further note, today I read with interest the posts by Charles Holler and Nando.  They both reasoned that the impending rapture would fall on very near dates.  Their letters were well thought out and they again gave me hope that the rapture is imminent. 

I think it is possible that there is something of a delay between the rapture and the start of the tribulation.  The delay would allow for the quick realignment of nations, institutions and economies.  John, if you are right, then that delay might only be a matter of weeks and thus explain the timetables given by Mr. Holler and Nando.
Ah well, these are just the thoughts that occurred to me and we can only be certain when we watch and wait.  Regardless, it certainly seems that everything is lining up and that we are forming something like a consensus.  In a post I had written some time back, I had speculated that as the rapture drew near we would most likely see a "convergence" when all of our ideas and theories pointed to the same date.  While we don't yet see a strong convergence, we are all truly looking at this spring season and I have long pointed out the significance that the Song of Solomon has references that may indicate a spring rapture.  This also lines up with Marilyn Agee's idea that the barley harvest plays a role in the timing of the pretribulation rapture.  Convergence again?



Bruce Baber
Thanks, Bruce!