Bob Ware (26 May 2011)
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There are 23,145 verses in the Old Testament. From Israel's rebirth on 5.14.1948 to 9.26.2011 will be 23,145 inclusive days.
On 9.26.2011 Obama will have lived 1337 days longer than JFK. 1337 is the sum of the top row of three prime numbers (79 + 431 + 827) in my 'Prime Cube' discovery:
Alan Clark (25 May 2011)

Check this out he says big alignment on Sept. 26th and 27th. It will cause much destruction. Rosh Hashanah is stated to be on Sept 29th, 2011. It is a new moon celebration. The new moon is on TUESDAY Sept 27th!

Diane Gilbert (24 May 2010)

This video shows scientific data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which proves the presence of a dwarf star, which we know as Elenin/Planet X/Nibiru.  The narrator is an astronomer who says Elenin is a failed, super cold star that imploded like our sun, but failed to ignite because of insufficient mass.  That’s why it cannot be seen, even though it is LARGER THAN JUPITER.

He presents a LOT of data here, and explains how the earth is being pulled by the gravitational force of this dwarf star.

He said, watch out for September 26, the earth is in for a “very, very, very rough ride”, worse than the earthquake in Japan.

I sure hope we’ll all be in Heaven on that day!