Bob Ware (16 Apr 2011)
"Hebrews 11:5 is the 7033th verse in the New Testament"

Gorden K wrote: John, your post of 5/17 definitely caught my attention.  As I was looking at verses Gen. 5:24 and 2Kgs. 2:11 from your post my eye caught a reference in my Bible to another mention of the rapture of Enoch in Hebr. 11:5.  Using the same train of thought could this also be another hidden reference to the rapture, i.e., 2011:May?  It is amazing what these verse numbers could be revealing!  What a time to be watching!   

Hebrews 11:5 is the 7033rd verse in the New Testament. When the area of each one-degree segment of a circle (1/360th or one prophetic day) is 7033 then the diameter of the circle is 1795 which is the sum of the ASCII codes for 'Barack Hussein Obama'.
Also, when the sum of the perimeters of a circumscribed: triangle, square and golden rectangle totals 7033 then the circumference of the circle around them is 2701. Again, it will be 2701 inclusive days from 1.1.2004 to 5.24.2011.
- Bob
Wow! Thanks, Bob!