BG Ellis (2 May 2011)
"Proof Obama's Birth Certificate is Forged!"

Being a graphic designer that has used Adobe Illustrator from it's inception, I can tell you that it does not create layers automatically. Never has and I'm sure never will. I downloaded the birth certificate straight from the white house website, opened it up in Illustrator, an lo and behold it opens up with layers.

Layers have to be... created by hand. Nothing automatic about it.

Layers should not have happened if the original had been photographed or scanned. It would have been a single layer. The green layer is separate form the background, so if a photo or a scan of the birth certificate was made, this green would not be separate. When you click off of the green, certain letters disappear also, so they weren't being too careful with their layer creation. This was a pretty poor hack job. They should have flattened the layers before sending it out as a pdf. Any freshman 101 graphic design student would know this. I think the prez has been sandbagged, big time.


‎"Watch the video. Examine the layers blanked out and modified. I'm speechless. I know how to do layers in Photoshop, but I find it unbelievable that someone doing such a 'doctor job' would forget 'flatten' the image back to a single layer before posting it for public consumption! That's either a gross error, or a deliberate disinformation ploy. Something is rotten in DC."