Barry Amundsen (27 May 2011)
"Susan B Joseph Prince very good!"

Susan B,
Thank you for posting the link to Joseph Prince on youtube. What an anointed preacher! After watching the one about prayer I watched one of him about "How believers fall from grace" and it is right on too. I have tried sometimes over the years to share those same truths here at times only to feel like I was not understood because it sounds like you are saying one thing when you are saying another. I Tried to get across that we are justified by grace through faith and that we can be held as righteous when we submit to God's grace but when we try to be good enough in our own flesh we "fall from grace" right then and are destined to fail. He explains it so well!
This issue is one that I believe will make a big difference in who goes in the rapture and who stays behind because so many are trying to be good in their flesh and are fallen from grace but those who have submitted to the will of God are given (by grace) the understanding of this powerful truth and enter into his rest! I remember I really offended one guy here once by quoting the scripture of Matthew 5:48.  Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. And he thought I was suggesting that we must perform that perfection by our own abilities but what I was suggesting is that by our faith God credits us as if we were that perfect! He just couldn't hear it and he "turned and rended me" for my trying to help him see it. It is the same as when Jesus said "Go and sin no more" to someone and it sounds like he is saying you are forgiven for now but you better not do it again or else! When what he is actually saying is from now on be free from sin even as you are also free from this condition (blindness, crippleness, leprosy, palsy or whatever he just healed them of). What is easier to say, thy sins be forgiven thee or rise take your bed and walk? It is all by grace but if we try to do the same thing in our own flesh or power, we just fell from the grace and are back under the curse. Rarely do I hear this message and this Joseph Prince says it so well! In other words, it would be the height of cruelty for Jesus to say to a blind man, "Hey blind man, SEE!" if Jesus was expecting the man to be able to open his eyes and see by his own ability. Or to say to a lame man, "Hey, why don't you take up your bed and walk, ya lazy dude just sitting there all day..." If Jesus did not also with the command, give him the supernatural ability by grace to perform that which was commanded. In the same way when Jesus commands us with these kinds of words, "Hey Barry, you sinner, go and sin no more, and be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect!" He, with that command is giving me the supernatural power to do just that and all I do is receive it by grace through faith and then God sees me as perfect without spot or blemish and I enter into his rest and cease from my own works of attempted righteousness.