Barbara (13 May 2011)

Sir, I have not had much to say to the doves.  But when I saw Rowina's letter "Bunny Luv", I knew she needed to hear a little more... So thank you Sir for your work through thick and thin....
Hello, my name is Barbara.  I am also know as Bunny Luv.  I am going to heaven when He takes his Bride.
So, already your prayer Rowina is answered in ways you knew not.  So be it for all of us lovies of the LORD.  He hears our silent and not so silent cries of loss and loneliness- and He sets the singles in families.  So, for some of us, it will be after our nap, He will call us, we will all join hands (figuratively as His body) and cross that street together, all safe and sound, and everyone accounted for.
He says He can do it.  He will do it. have no idea how ready to be gone i am-
no- rethinking this sad notion,  I think you do have full knowledge of that desperation to go home- each of you.
Welcome to the Doves, Barbara!