Armando Pardillo (23 May 2011)
"Another 5/24/11 Clue!"

Dear John:

    Many of us think you did an outstanding job on your article referring to the
5/24/11 Rapture date a few days ago.  I have also read a few of the testimonies
pointing to the same date.  In this short email, I would also like to point out
an additional clue supporting the same date.
    My wife and I sometimes have a church service at home.  Today sunday
5/22/11, was one of those days and when we have it in the  house, I usually
open up the service with a prayer and a bible scripture.  I said a prayer and
decided to open up my bible to page 524.  I usually pick a particular verse to
read but today, I chose this page knowing that our rapture could be in 2 days
from today on 5/24. 
    When I opened up this page, psalm 50 was what I looked at first on page 524.
 Verse 5 on the same psalm and page reads, "Gather to me my consecrated
ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice". 
    We have been redeemed by the blood covenant sacrifice of our Lord Jesus
Christ.  The words "Gather to me my consecrated ones" refer to the
coming Rapture.  We all hope that this date approaches soon and we can all be
together with Him.

God bless us all,

Armando Pardillo
Thanks, Armando!