Anonymous (24 May 2011)
"Hello, Dove.  AC's Anagrams"

Hello, John Tng.
I am distantly related to Obama through his mother.  We are 8th cousins.  Our line goes back to medieval nobles and kings.  Some research has traced the lineage all the way
back to Adam and Eve.
While I am not fully convinced with the research that traces back to Adam (beyond the middle ages, there is much room for error), I am convinced with the research that traces
our lineage back to the middle ages for the information is source-cited, published in authoritative texts such as the Peerage of England and others.
What's really interesting to me, and serves as some confirmation to my heart that Obama is AC, is that how I am related to Obama and the lineage I speak of is through a
prominent family in both America and England.  In America, this family is associated with military weaponry that helped us win wars.  This family was among the pioneers
that blazed the Oregon Trail and Manifest Destiny.  In America as well as England, many members of this family are well known for their poetry -- I am a poet also.
Members of this family conquered England with William the Conqueror and prior to that, the family's surname originates from a war-like tribe that conquered the first
territories of Great Britain with Hengist and Horsa.
What has fully convinced me and what should convince the world, is when the veil was lifted.
The media is doing his bidding.
He is all things to all people who believe his lies.  (He is a "Christian."  He is a "Muslim."  He is both black and white.  He was born in Hawaii and Kenya at the same time!
He is "American," Kenyan and Indonesian!  Yet he is from Chicago.  I'm waiting for him to walk on water!)
He is touted, jokingly or not, as a/the messiah.
It bears repeating that the media is doing his bidding.  Nearly every photo of him has a camera angle looking up at Obama, as if the viewer is on his peasant knee and...
STILL Obama's nose is in the air!  I have dealt with countless haughty and arrogant people but none are as arrogant as Obama.
Mr. AC introduced himself to the world on 5/19/2011 when he said that Israel must return to its 1967 borders!
I read your posting on 5 Doves:
"The US '08 Election prophesied in the Bible!"
I checked out the anagrams feature at:
And I found some very interesting words so I started to dig deeper.
Try it for yourself.  To save time, copy and paste all of the anagrams into the word counting tool at:
Here's some of what I discovered.
A being 1... Z being 26, Barack Hussein Obama adds up to 163.
The 163rd word is "Bakes."
Barack Hussein Obama (163) + his date of birth (8+4+1961=1973) = 2136.
The 2136th word is "Senarius."
Definition of SENARIUS (
a verse consisting of six feet especially in Latin prosody
Origin of SENARIUS
Latin, from senarius consisting of six each, from seni six each, from sex six
First Known Use: 1540
5/19/2011 (the date on which Obama gave his speech about the "1967 borders") adds up to 2035.
The 2035th word is "Cuish."
Cuish is a variant of "Cuisse," French for thigh armor.
Or it could refer to Cush, son of Ham.
Or it could refer to the Land of Cush and/or its people, the Cushites.
Definition of CUISSE (
a piece of plate armor for the front of the thigh
Variants of CUISSE
cuisse also cuish
Origin of CUISSE
Middle English cusseis, plural, from Anglo-French quisez, plural of quissel, from quisse thigh, from Latin coxa hip
First Known Use: 15th century
From Wikipedia (
Cush (Bible)
Cush was the eldest son of Ham, brother of Canaan and the father of Nimrod, and Raamah, mentioned in the "Table of Nations" in the Genesis 10:6 and I Chronicles 1:8.
He was he eponymous ancestor of the people of Cush, a dark-skinned people inhabiting the country surrounded by the River Gihon, identified in antiquity with Arabia Felix and Ethiopia.
The introduction of the term "Cushitic" for a branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family dates to the 1870s.
Hebrew Bible According to Genesis, Cush's other sons were Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabtecah.
The wife of Moses was a Cushite, according to the Book of Numbers 12:1. Exagoge 60-65 by Ezekiel the Tragedian (fragments reproduced in Eusebius) has Zipporah describe herself to Moses as a stranger in the land of Midian, and proceeds to describe the inhabitants of her ancestral lands in Africa:
"Stranger, this land is called Libya {an ancient name for the African continent}. It is inhabited by tribes of various peoples, Ethiopians, dark men. One man is the ruler of the land: he is both king and general. He rules the state, judges the people, and is priest. This man is my father {Jethro} and theirs."
The rhetorical question "Can the Cushite change his skin?" in Jeremiah 13:23 implies people of a markedly different skin color from the Israelites, probably an African people; also, the Septuagint uniformly translates Cush as Αἰθιοπία "Ethiopia."
Another person named Cush in the Hebrew Bible is a Benjamite who is mentioned only in Psalm 7, and is believed to be a follower of Saul.
5/24/2011 (tomorrow and obviously yet to be determined) adds up to 2040.
The 2040th word is "SAURIANS!"
5/1/2011 (the date of the "bin Laden raid" and Obama's announcement of "it") adds up to 2017.
The 2017th word is "RUN!"
11/4/2008 (the date of Obama's election) adds up to 2023.
The 2023rd word is "Numbers."
1/20/2009 (the date of Obama's INNAUGURATION!) adds up to 2030.
The 2030th word is "UNCIAE."
Unciae are ANCIENT ROMAN currency and units of measurement!
8/4/1961 (the date of Obama's birth) adds up to 1973.
The 1973rd word is "ESKARS!"
Eskar is in the Baghlan Province of Afghanistan.  It is believed by some that Afghanistan is the "East of Eden" where Cain dwelled after slaying Abel.
What is Obama's 666th anagram word?
I find these revelations to be very interesting indeed.
Anonymous brother dove
Thanks, brother!