Anonymous (23 May 2011)
"My departure on the 24th"

I do so hope all these studies for the 24th prove to be correct. I am actually "flying out of here" that day to my daughter's graduation in New Orleans.  Some things that came to mind:  a headline today said they are waiting for flood waters to creep into New Orleans which calls to mind Noah and his escape before the flood. I know someone had a dream that the levies broke, so I'm very worried about this.  I also remember my knowing around the age of 12 (after I had been saved) that I would not live past my 30s here on earth. Could this be it?

This morning I received my flight confirmation via email, and, for some reason, my eyes went to my four flight numbers (that's including connecting flights).  I usually shy from numbers, but had the idea to look them up in Strong's concordance. They are 4229, 1202, 1639, and 4337.  Interesting that one of those numbers is the number for the Elamites. Modern day Iran.  Maybe you number whizzes out there can have fun with them. :)