Andrea (23 May 2011)
"An Encouraging Message"

 Last night I was gathering a few things to take to my 14 year old son who was spending the night at his Grandmothers.  My husband was on the other side of our house and I thought I heard him call to me.  I didn't hear what he said so I crossed the house to the room he was in and asked him what he had said.  He assured me that he hadn't said anything to me but wanted to know what I thought I heard.  I walked away because it was at that moment that I really "heard" and understood what he said.  He followed me to our room and wanted to know what I heard.  I told him he might not believe me but that what I heard was a big, deep voice saying "IT'S TIME TO COME HOME." My husband grabbed my hand and said he wasn't ready for me to die yet.  I told him "what if we all went together."   This put a smile on his face and he said that would be great.  I told him I thought the voice was an angle of the Lord.  It was a very deep, steady and BIG sounding voice which is why I though it was my husband yelling to me from the other side of the house.  We talked about the Rapture for a while.  Later, when we went to bed there was a very strong and windy storm that caught us by surprise because things went from calm to stormy very fast.
I am not one to usually share these kinds of things, or one to hear from the Lord.  There is no other explanation for what I heard or what the message was.  Please take this as a word of encouragement to all who read it.