Amanda (3 May 2011)

Hello all,

With the recent death (TRIUMPH!!!) of Osama Bin Laden it sparked a past vision I had back in May of 2008 to come to mind.  I will type in exactly word for word of what I wrote in my journal because thank goodness one that I wrote it then otherwise I would have forgot such details and this is truthfully and whole-heartedly what the Lord showed me (probably one of my most amazing visions.   I have posted about this vision in the past but like I said with the latest news I felt I needed to reread about my vision and then tell all of you.  

On May 16 2008 I wrote in my journal:  I have had a vision of seeing a middle eastern man almost looking like Osama Bin Laden.  It was evil (as I looked at his face his mouth formed into almost the scream mouth from the scary movie "scream") it was very scary.  Also seeing a dragon, then a chariot with a man on it with long white hair riding on it looking like he was riding to fight.  This vision started in my dream turning into as the vision went I opened my eyes to see it on my bedroom ceiling.  I have the chills right now typing about it because I remember it so vividly like it just happenned yet it was 3 years ago and I feel it is happenning with his death just 2 days ago.  When I had the vision I was very much at peace just watching it....amazing God is!  

Just thought I'd post this vision.  All of a sudden things the Lord told me about 3 years ago are the way....the rapture could not be much far away because all within this time since May of 2008, He has said its soon and given me many rapture clues.  He's coming NOW.  

Love to all...see you soon,