Amanda (28 May 2011)
"Re:  Joe M. "fire"--a word from the Lord"

Hello all,

I read Joe M.'s question regarding fire next and it brought to mind one word the Lord said to me last night..."fire".   So, yes, fire is next!!  

I'm finding myself to grow weary (not what I want to feel) with spiritual attacks, family problems (mom and my brothers) that I'm so ready for the rapture, I can feel so alone.  I do know I can truly say He is the only one sticking with me to carry me through.  

I felt the Lord told me sometime after last July (2010), "last time in July".  So I feel we will be taken before July of this year.  The other day I felt the Lord nudge to me as I was resting/napping "gone are the days".  That's all He said, He didn't add anything to it.  I was thinking after I heard that gone are the good days.  

So ready for His call!!!!!!
p.s.  My heart goes out to all the victims in the Joplin tornados.  Please Lord come soon to take us all away before any more pain and more tragedies.