Adrian (2 May 2011)
"The date and place of David Wilkerson's passing authenticate his message"

In the university Christian union we had all heard of David Wilkerson. We had read "The Cross and the Switchblade" and we respected David for his work with the drug addicts. In those days the pace of events was slower as the Lord's coming was much father off. There was no e-mail and no Internet so news travelled slowly.  If you wanted to know something you had to wait for the book to come out and then get a copy and read it. If you were really in a hurry you might be able to find something in a magazine. Then it was rumoured that David had received some kind of vision. A lot of people said "he's really flipped". I got a copy of the book ("The Vision") and read it. I believed that in principle God could cause someone to prophesy in His name but had He really spoken through David? The style of the book seemed intermediate between a direct literal word from the Lord and the author's personal convictions of what he believed God had shown him. The book was written with an urgency that suggested that the events described were supposed to happen rather soon, yet the events were so extreme, almost outlandish, that an immediate fulfillment seemed rather unlikely. God's timescale is a little different from ours. He is very old and very patient. He sees the beginning from the end. Although we may not see the fulfillment as soon as we expect nevertheless His word always comes true.
According to the message that David's vision should be dated to April 1973. So it was exactly or almost exactly 38 years before his death, which is a number of some biblical significance.  The day he died was Wednesday 27th April. Owing to the 2 day difference between the Gregorian and Julian calendars this was the anniversary of Wednesday 29th April AD 33. This was the day before the the last supper; it was the day Lord departed from the temple and gave the Olivet discourse to His disciples. In this He described the events and judgments that will come at the end of the age, and gave the parable of the fig tree and other parables too. (For dates in the life of the Lord Jesus refer to "The Restored Vision" by A. E. Ware). You see the day David died was the very same day the Lord Himself told his disciples the things that He showed David.
That day was also notable for the ferocity of the tornados that killed many people in the US. Many have noted the link between storms in the US and God's anger concerning the US's actions in relation to the land of Israel. There is a big clue in the location where David died. I am not too hot on US topography, but the region is known as Palestine and the report of the crash was published in the Palestine Herald. The site is about a mile from the outflow of Lake Palestine.
That makes 3 times now that the Lord has given us signs highlighting 'Palestine':
  The destruction of the space shuttle Columbia on 1st February 2003. The first reports of falling debris came from the town Palestine, Texas. It seemed to speak of the impending destruction of America over the 'Palestine' issue.
  The rescue of Jessica Lynch from Palestine in West Virginia on 1st April 2003. The thing happened just across the way from the ruins of Ur where Abram's family lived, presumably including her biblical namesake Iscah. The rescue ended with the graves being emptied and both the living and the dead being taken up into the air.
  And now David's death, in the region of Palestine, Texas.
I think the location of David's passing shows its importance as a sign and should remind us of the significance of the earlier events. I also think the date strongly underlines the significance of his message. I think we have to view it as being the Lord authenticating the message that David gave us. I also think it is also a big hint that these things will happen soon.